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FX Speakers


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Anthony is a multi 7-figure trader/ serial entrepreneur based out of Arizona. His joint-venture "TopTier Trader" has become one of the most well recognized names in the FX space. Anthony is also the host of his own podcast and owns a series of technology ventures, passive income deals, and other entrepreneurial projects. .

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James Storms is a 7 figure FX trader based out of New York. James came to fame after he turned a 5-figure trading account to 7-figures during one of the most difficult financial periods in modern history. James now travels the world and provides private mentorship to developing traders through his venture Fortunes & Freedom.


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Jessica Laine was a skilled journalist, TV reporter, and on-air personality. ​​​​​​​​​​​​Succeeding to the 2016 Olympic trials in boxing, Jessica transitioned her talent of fighting in the ring to helping people achieve both health and wealth. 

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Pip Connect founder Andy Peters is a a successful trader/ entrepreneur based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Andy's business, the Pip Connect, was built on the idea of building a trading community, where people could learn the fundamentals of trading, while also having an inclusive environment where people can grow.

Lisaldo Tavarez

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Lisaldo is a seasoned trader, investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. His trading style the “Tea Cup” has helped thousands of traders worldwide understand a simple way to get into trading. Lisaldo operates a multitude of businesses in several industries including hospitality, transportation, real estate, and much more. He’s a success story that we can all learn from!



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Jason Stewart Aka Qbstew is a young forex trader from Alexandria Virginia. Jason has a phenomenal back story and is an extremely humble person/trader. Jason inspires thousands of traders through his multiple forex ventures. Jason started his journey as a Division 1 college football quarterback and applies those same attributes to make him successful in the markets.



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Luc is a successful trader/ entrepreneur based out of Miami, Florida. Luc made a name for himself through the development of a trading app called Gold Cup. Luc also spent time educating with one of the largest educational platforms in the space. Luc is also a juggernaut in the network marketing, passive income, automated income, and digital asset space.

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