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Crypto Speakers

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Emile is a self made entrepreneur and trader. His meteoric rise has made him one of the most recognized names in crypto today.
Emile has coaches thousands of traders worldwide and introduced them to crypto investing through his venture @profit4lifeapp

Emile will be speaking on stage at the Crypto panel of the fxsummit2022 and we couldn’t be more excited 


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Lewis is a professional athlete turned serial entrepreneur.

From an incredible football legacy at LSU and @dallascowboys to starting Foreign exchange CTA- a financial technology company focused on making trading possible for all retail traders.

Lewis is now focused on crypto currency markets and is on the front lines in driving the innovation in the space.


Austin Collins

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Austin Collins is a trader, NFT investor, and, member of multiple NFT projects. Austin does diligence on projects for himself as well as the Chartaddicts trading team.

Austin specializes in community building for NFT projects on the Solana network and has worked with multiple developments teams on launching, debugging, and, growing their projects. 

Austin also operates multiple 7-figure businesses outside of his NFT investments. 

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Alex is a crypto expert and led former engagement at VERGE (XVG) Crypto Company.


Alex has In depth knowledge of building exceptional customer experiences through engagement. His ability to simplify the technicalities of crypto makes him a perfect fit for our crypto panel! 

Bryce Johnson

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Bryce Johnson is one of the most recognized names in NFT gaming. His brand "LootSquad" is highly regarded in the virtual gaming space and Bryce's notoriety has grown through his youtube/twitch streams. 

Bryce is pioneering the space which will eventually become a multi-billion dollar industry. Web3 gaming is still in its infancy so Bryce has a unique perspective being on the front lines. 

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